JOKODE has reaised that over the next 25 years, Africa’s working-age population will double to one billion, exceeding that of China and India. In the meantime, the digital skills gap is widening, while programming has the power to put millions of young Africans on the path to successful careers and empower them to build sustainable growth, companies in Africa are currently struggling to hire enough qualified IT talent.

Yet still Africa is faced with young African men and women who will risk everything, including their lives, to take on the perilous trip across dozens of borders and the treacherous waves of the Mediterranean Sea in search of a better life in the North. Some die along the way, some are turned back and some who finish the journey realize that life may not be easier across the frontier. But with few jobs and dim prospects at home, millions of youths and young adults in Africa still choose to migrate, often clandestinely.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the African Development Bank, people under the age of 25 account for about 60% of total unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa. On average, 72% of the youth population lives below the $2 a day poverty line, according to a World Bank survey. In Nigeria, my own country, about 63% of the population is under 25. Unemployment is at 23.9%, with youth unemployment at about 37%. JOKODE establishes programming center for young Africa’s in countries that are most affected by the backway.


  • Reduce or eliminate the back-way syndrome among African youth through the use of techonology.
  • Create the environment for young people with ethnic minority background the opportunity to excel.
  • Provide skills training in programming and entrepreneurship.
  • Build viable, effective and locally technology entrepreneurship among the minorities.
  • Develop network and partnership with organizations, NGOs, private and public sector, governments, institutions and individuals.
  • Create jobs and businesses within technology