JOKDE brings in mentors who can share their experiences and skills to contribute to a successful establishment. Relationships between mentors and participants are established on the basis of each participant’s needs, preferences, and interests. Mentors are chosen for their skills in business development and operation in coding, programming in addition to their skills as supervisors. They bring in broad experience as entrepreneurs, CEOs, Programmers and Business Directors. The mentors will consist of local and international experts in Programming, entrepreneurship, organizational work and youth work. They will meet regularly to advise on the strategic decisions in the program.

  • Engage young people with talent in programming and with weak motivation for school
  • Offer customized suport in programming and entrepreneurship.
  • Ensuring young people’s contact and interaction with qualified adults with relevant and valuable experience in programming, entrepreneurship and in the workplace in general.
  • Build and operate a network of young people with an interest in technology, programming and entrepreneurship.
  • Obtain support and associate the project with established businesses, learning communities, NGOs and public bodies at local, national and international level.